Monday, April 4, 2016

Movie Monday: Mother's Love

People often look at a filmmakers life and say “You live such an exciting life.” I smile and say thank you. Even today, as I write this, I am in my pajamas and robe- I guess it’s entirely possible that it sounds like I live a cush life.  But the reason I am in my pajamas and robe is because last night I had a fever, and this morning I can’t seem to keep warm. I’m sick as can be, yet here I am. Writing away.

Thing is, you never see the work behind the gate.  The late nights, the tears because a project isn’t going the way you want, a client is maddeningly stubborn without any comprehension of what their asking you to do (or the cost of it.).  I’ve bled for my art more than once, literally and figuratively. I wear my war wounds proudly though. Because as the fabulous TedTalks speak Mel Robins likes to say: I have survived all of my worst days.

We had planned to share one heart felt short film with you today. A fellow filmmaker told us it was the most “Seattle” film we’ve ever done. I think he meant dark, but I like to think it has a lot of heart. It’s a domestic violence film based on real events. We didn’t want it to be just another indie film about violence and abuse. We wanted it to ask a question: Why do we blame the victim? It’s a conversation starter. We don’t have the answer. But we do have hope.

I am pleased to share today's Movie Monday with you.

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