Monday, May 16, 2016

Movie Monday: Assassin's Creed

I am a die-hard Assassin’s Creed fan. There is something just special about the history and culture wrapped into an adventure saga about good and evil in these games. So naturally I’m hooked. I am anxiously awaiting the movie, as I have been since they finally announced they were going to make it.We still have to wait until Christmas – which seems like a great way to get away from the rush of things during that mad season. I think I was as thrilled as everyone else was when Ubisoft and Fox finally dropped the first trailer.

But I’m still pretty apprehensive about it. I have offically reached that fan-girl status of SO excited to see the product and TERRIFIED that the studio will screw it up.  Remember what they did to Fantastic Four and Firefly? Fox does NOT have a good track record.  At least this time some studio exec was smart enough to hire Director Justin Kruzel and his FANTASTIC Director of Photography Adam Arkapaw. They did one of the best Macbeth’s I’ve ever seen. At least we know this will be beautiful.

There is a small glimmer of hope for Fox. I’m may not be  holding my breath though. This is after all the same studio that gave us the train wreck that was Fantastic Four. Twice.  AND their Executive Producer said they’re flipping the past::present ratio, so they may have completely forgotten why they were making it in the first place. It must give us pause… They did do some amazing work with Deadpool- even if they took $7 million away DURING production.  

I have hope for what Assassin’s Creed.

You’re still not forgiven for Firefly.

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