Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Brilliant #Hastag and a Facial

Like most of my friends, I love a good deal. I love test driving new products, especially for free. When a social media colleague of mine shared the hashtag #skoahfirstfacial  all I could think of was- YES PLEASE! I shared the links, booked my appointment and settled in to be pampered.

Skoah is not a new product, but it's fairly new to us, literally, as the US is a new territory for the Canadian skincare line. They have lovely little boutiques in Seattle, Boston and Canada that are quite easy to overlook because they appear to be just another skincare store if you're window shopping. I'm sure someone on their marketing team realized this when their return numbers were lower than expected. A hashtag and free facial (an $85 value) seemed like an excellent way to attract new customers and generate talk about the product.

It worked.

Dozens of my friends were posting photos of their gifts and the notes that their esthetician had left for them. Before and after photos were popping up in my newsfeed every day. It took me almost a week to book my appointment and when I finally did they said I was lucky, they had an opening but were currently booked through the end of June.

While I was being pampered, my "personal trainer for your skin" very gently described to me the products she was using and why. I wasn't just being sold, it was more simply a conversation. She asked me real questions about my lifestyle and offered practical advice on ways to improve my skin routine without really changing much of day to day life. As a mom of a 2 year old who often skips my own self care, less is more was a win for me.

It was lasted about 45 minutes, plenty of time to get a recharge on a stressful week but not enough to steal time away from my responsibilities. And now, I had been educated about some pretty cool products too.

When she finished, she reviewed the products she used and why, then recommended a few for my home use. There was no pressure to buy, it was incredibly gentle both for a facial and a sales pitch. Who doesn't want to be pampered while listening to a sales pitch? It's like taking your medicine with a spoonful of sugar.

Well played Skoah, I will be back.


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