Saturday, March 15, 2014

One Year.

I can not believe it. This time last year I was waddling around “nesting” and getting ready for the big day. This year I’m running around getting ready for her first birthday.

It’s been a journey to say the least. Not just the Cleft, but normal baby milestones and regular every day living.

My most frightening/rewarding/challenges of the last 12 months:
1) Gave birth to a beautiful girl and now having a new life to care for.
2) I left the security of a 40 hour steady job to a real careers in a field I’m good at that also brings me joy.
3) Watched two of my best friends say “I do” at their wedding and then grow in love and life together.
4) Co-Produced 4 short films, one music video and was in several more + we screened our feature film for our investors.
5) Traveled to the American Film Market and learned a LOT about business.
6) Held my little girls hand through 2 major surgeries and all the medical treatment in between.

It’s strange, because I can’t really imagine a time without her. I know there was a long period of my life that was baby free. And I have those fond memories of shenanigans. But honestly, it feels like she was always there.

And now that I can hold her, she’s given me such profound direction. Not that I wasn’t clear about my path before, but by stripping distractions and focusing on what’s important I’ve been able to direct my goals and grab the reigns of my own life more than I ever have before.

So yeah. One year. I no longer measure it by the first of January and the end of December. Time is now measured in moments with Ondine, and I like that time frame.

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