Friday, February 7, 2014

Tiny 12's

With all the excitement about the bustling start to the year and Seattle most decidedly making their voice known, it’s been a little chaotic around here. In the hubbub, while everyone else was basking in a Seahawk glory we took our little girl to Seattle Children’s Hospital.

That is a team that deserves a trophy. They’re wonderful there. Every floor has bright colors and kind people so families and children feel comfortable… Well as comfortable as you can at a hospital. Everywhere we looked there were 12’s, including our tiny 12 with her own little headband just her size. It was nice to have so many folks not worried about what was wrong with her but more excited to share with her their excitement over this enormous victory.

And it’s a pretty cool victory that’s special to the heart of Seattle Children’s. Because a football rivalry turned into a fundraising campaign that benefited both Seattle Children’s and the UCSFBenioff Children’s Hospital. Another victory, especially with our Hawks making monthly (sometimes weekly) visits to the hospital for fans who can’t make it to games. But our game is just about to begin. We’ve been gearing up for it since her last surgery in July. We knew this one would be harder, and that this one would require more patience.  And the build up is killer.

I don’t know what to expect this time. Ondine was tiny last time. She was just learning to move, so they didn’t need to take any extra precautions. She was medicated and recovered in record time. The Poster Child for NAM molding according to her surgeon.

That’s great but my understanding of this surgery is that it is twice as difficult and recovery is twice as long. Because this is the more dangerous of her surgeries, it’s entirely inside the mouth. If you’ve ever had a tooth pulled or worse, cut from your mouth you know how painful it can be just to bump it.

My prayer is that some of that love and hope that our 12’s gave the Seahawks and took them to victory can take Ondine there too. She’s one of the tiny 12’s, the brave children who have to go up against giants at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Take a moment for me please. Say a prayer, not just for Ondine but for all of the kids who are currently at an away game. Away from home, away from family and friends, away from their favorite nighttime cuddles and praying for a miracle.

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