Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Food Glorious Food

So that was fun.

We are on WIC to supplement Ondine’s nutrition. For any mom who’s ever had to purchase formula, you know exactly what I’m talking about. That shit’s expensive. $17.99 on sale for the SMALL can. And she can go through two in a week. Even the grocery checker exclaims “that’s highway robbery, you’re feeding a baby!” ever time we go in. So we went to WIC to help us out. But because it is a state program, they have certain expectations that are really based on some dude- who’s never had children- his idea of what a child should be able to eat. So at exactly six months of age they decided she needed to start solids. Not based on what a doctor said she was capable of, but what the state of Washington thinks she’s capable of.
Well sure, why not. Any google search will tell you that kids shouldn’t start solids before 4 months so 6 months is absolutely when a child should start. Never mind what the baby’s body is telling it.
But like good parents, we asked her surgeon and doctor and they said that it should be ok but to be super mindful of the pallet. If it gets clogged clean it, if she gets food in her nose wipe it out with a soft cloth. Start with something bland like rice cereal and then move onto foods one at a time, test to see if her body reacts adversely to anything before you try a new food. 2 tablespoons max should be given at most feedings. So we tried.
Of course she was confused at first. Rice cereal was clearly not her thing. Not only did she struggle with the concept, but she HATED the taste. She tongued it all out of her mouth.
We tried in this order: carrots, green beans, peas, oatmeal, squash sweet potato. Oatmeal & sweet potato seem to be her favorite. She actually really enjoys the flavor of the foods. Mmmm is the sounds she makes. But…
If she swallows wrong or gets too much in mouth at one time… Disaster. Most children are messy when it comes to eating. Ondine is no exception. But most children don’t take a bite and have it come instantly out their nose.
For anyone who’s had a brain freeze from your favorite ice cream or had someone make you laugh at the exact moment you take a gulp of your favorite drink, you understand the sudden pain of that. But you’re an adult, or at least old enough to understand the pain is fleeting and you’re going to be ok. Now imagine you’re a baby, you reasoning skills have not been developed and all you know is that every time you open your mouth to accept a little food, it hurts. Tears and screaming is your only way of expressing.  So meal time is now a challenge, and not a pleasant one.

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