Monday, August 19, 2013

Stitch Free, the Return of the Tape

So excited! August 19th and the stitches (finally) come out. This was a longer than normal stitches in situation due to schedule conflicts. The doc was out when we were in so to speak.  But huzzah they’re out! …
And the tape is back.
We knew she would have to have stints- little plastic tubes- to help her nose keep its formation after surgery. We forgot that there would be tape again.
She was NOT a happy camper.
Well such is the way of it. We don’t often like things thrown our way. More often than not we are fully prepared for one challenge and life throws us a curve.
For Ondine, the challenges will be life long. I have friends who are so excited. They think her journey is over. I don’t have the heart to explain there are at least two more surgeries.  This one was substantially cosmetic when you get down to it. The future holds a much more significant and difficult surgery. But we can only face them one at a time.
So for now, we will dutifully put her new device in and e the mean parents. Because the rest of her life she won’t remember this pain.

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