Thursday, April 18, 2013

Step One: NAM Molding.

Yesterday Ondine was fitted with her NAM molding. She’s such a chill baby even the doctor commented on it. “I think he might be the easiest baby we’ve ever fitted.” And she must have been. The molding was like a binkie, she loved it. It was the tape on her cheeks she didn’t like. But she fell right asleep afterwards and we made our way to the nursing floor.

We checked in pretty quickly and the nurse did the normal weight/growth check and then proceeded to watch in wonder as Ondine wolfed down 65ml of milk as if it was nothing. She did her little fake burp, I insisted on a real burp and fell back asleep. This is my hope that she continues to be so chill every time she gets a fitting. Wishful thinking, I know.

So now this device. They call it an appliance. Since I can’t blend a smoothie or toast bread in it, device seems more appropriate. It’s not dissimilar to a retainer for post-braces in orthodontics.  Only it has this button that sticks out her mouth  that you use to hook tiny little rubber bands to and attach to her face with tape. It’s frankly awful. But again, I have a super baby. She doesn’t seem to mind. Praying for a quick molding so that we get her through this before she realizes what’s going on.

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