Friday, June 15, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness

I am almost always blown away by random acts of kindness. Not that they happen, but by the reaction they achieve. Yesterday was a little rough for me. Not end of the world rough, but it was still high-stress and not the “I feel like I accomplished something” kind of way. I was having a bad day.
I have come to really appreciate the 5 minute break I get to go get my coffee from the Simon’s Naturally café downstairs. I find appreciating the little things can make the bigger things less heavy. So I made my way to the elevator, annoyed that I don’t have the stamina-time-or-patience to climb down the 19 flights. Get to the bottom and realized I didn’t have my awesome reusable cup. So I’m double annoyed that I have to get the disposable one or go back upstairs again. Rar.
I decided to just go, it’s too busy upstairs for me to really make two trips. I got in line and waved hello to the baristas. The man in front of me was waiting to pay as well as to order another item. He was an attorney from the firm, a reviewer for the eDat department. We chatted about what I’ve been up to and how was I liking being in the firm instead of in the café now etc. The cashier rang him in and he stepped aside but turned back.
“I’m paying for whatever she’s getting.” He tells the barista. I was visibly shocked, but I smiled and said thank you. “It’s for all those years of such excellent service. Since they wouldn’t let you have a tip jar, let me buy your coffee.” I really melted.
I thanked him again, and suddenly there was a bounce in my step. The coffee tasted amazing, as Café Vita’s blend usually does. I grinned all the way back to my office. Shared my joy with several people, and continued smiling. It fueled me through the day and allowed me to muscle through an equally grueling afternoon at the dreaded day J.O.B.
I got on the bus to travel home and people were surprisingly polite for a Tuesday. Offering seats up to the elderly without being asked, moving aside for others and *gasp* saying excuse me… and thank you to the driver! A day that could have been overwhelmingly negative and sucked the life-blood of energy out of my potential for the day was saved by a random act of kindness.

Friday, June 8, 2012

A Bump in the Road Called Life.

UPDATE: at the bottom of the page 
Even when I do get personal, I tend to leave the mushy stuff out of it. Mostly, because as open and honest as I try to be, somethings are just for me. So I reached a new point this last month as I entered a new chapter of unknown in my life. It’s kind of a scary place and for the first time in my life I asked for prayer on a public forum.
I am so grateful and humbled by all the love and support I’ve been receiving from some of the most unlikely places. The people in my life I knew were there for me through thick and thin brought joy to my heart but there were several that took my breath away, both with you sincerity of concern and your above the call actions to make me feel comfortable. You know who you are and I love you for it.
So now, in case I haven’t been forthcoming of what’s going on with me medically, let me kind of give you an update.  About three weeks ago I noticed a small marble sized lump on my left hip that was painful to the touch and made sitting uncomfortable. After seeing the doctor, she thought it might be a hernia brought on from lifting heavy tables at work, as well as the possibility of a swollen lymph node. I was sent to get an ultrasound to determine if that was indeed what it might be. The exam concluded that I did have  a hernia and a swollen lymph node.  Next I was sent to consult with a surgeon. And with a rough start ala Bobcat Goldthwait answering his phone in the middle of the consult, we got a few questions answered.  His first recommendation was to get a biopsy on the lymph nodes prior to treating the hernia. He was unconcerned with the hernia because its an easy fix and not the cause of my pain. But swollen lymph nodes can be tricky.  And without trying to scare anyone,  the sudden swelling has to be determined to be benign or not. Meaning there is a possibility of Lymphoma,Hodgkin’s or not.
I went in for surgery last week and they performed a left *something I cant pronounce* biopsy.  Basically they sliced open my leg where the hip and leg bend. The surgeon told my husband Collin that it was several clusters of nodes and not just a singular one as they originally suspected, but that he was able to remove all of them and now they are testing what they removed. At our follow up the surgeon explained that they can rule out non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which is the most agressive of the Lymphomas and the more difficult to cure.
The result? … They’re sending it out for more testing and a second opinion at a new lab. The break down is thus. Its either a form of Hodgkin’s or it’s an infection specific to the lymph nodes that could be the result of an auto-immune disorder. Meaning they don’t really know. I’m confusing them because I’m too young and don’t show any symptoms what so ever of either illness. It’s always reassuring when doctors literally throw their hands in the air and shrug their shoulders with a classic “I have no idea.”
 My prayer and Collin’s is that the lymph nodes are benign and that I have something else. The GREAT news is that whatever I have, I am 100% curable so I am optimistic after a rather scary few weeks.
Please pray that this was just one rough month and I can be back up and jumping around in no time.
Love and thank you to all of you.

I got the good news today, I have nothing resembling any kind of Hodgkins or Lymphoma. *happy dance* However, I still have to evaluate what made my lymphatic system flair up like it did. But we’re in the clear as far as Hodgkin’s is concerned.